trn and rn news readers reporting out of memory

trn and rn news readers reporting out of memory

Post by Jerry Lavi » Thu, 11 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I cannot run 'trn' or 'rn' to read news!!!  I've really run into a stumbling
block here.  Here's the thing:

linux# free
             total     used     free      shared    buffers
Mem:         14632     10112    4520      2496         1920
-/+ buffers:           8192     6440
Swap:        18108     2924     15184

I am using an NNTP SERVER.  The swap space looks as if there's plenty of
available memory.

nn and tin BOTH WORK without any problems!  trn and rn start to run and go
through the listing of groups but when ready to go into the first group to
read, it says (out of memory) trn: caught internal problem and the process

I have Linux 1.2.13 with Slackware 3.0.0
trn version 3.6

Even if I do a 'catch up' on articles except the last 5 or so, it always

Thanks for your time and info.


// Jerry Lavis
// Soffront Software


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