Cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc" error!

Cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc" error!

Post by Jasper M. Freema » Mon, 27 Apr 1998 04:00:00

During the last few weeks, I've been trying to load RedHat 5.0 on my Cyrix
586 P166, 32MB, Creative MA300 system.

The first installation worked fine.  When I tried to configure my system to
dial up my ISP, the system refuses to boot up (hangs trying to start smb);
so I decided to start from scratch.  I repartitioned my hard drive (Quantum
1.2GB EIDE) and everything seemed to work fine.  Upon rebooting I receive
the following error:

    INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
    while opening UTMP file: No such file or directory
    INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel

This error repeats for Ids "2", "3", "4", "5", & "6".  When I press
ctrl-alt-del, I receive the following:

    INIT: no more process left in this runlevel
    Switching to runlevel: 6 cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc"
    INIT: no more process left in this runlevel

I've tried selecting "repair" during bootup; the system goes to single user
mode, but when trying to write to any of the partitions (after doing a
mount), I keep getting that the system is read only.

At this point, I've very confused.  If the setup isn't writing the rc file,
what can I do to correct this problem?

I will continue to work on this, but any help from the Linux community would
be greatly appreciated.




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I got this problem in the boot process. When I boot my system, just after:

VFS mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly

This comes up:

Apr 9 15:23:47 init[1]: version 2.4 booting
init[2]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.S"
Apr 9 15:23:48 init[2]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.S"
Apr 9 15:23:48 init[1]: Entering runlevel: 5
init[3]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.M"
Apr 9 15:23:48 init[3]: cannot execute "/eyc/rc.d/rc.M"

welcome to linux 0.99.15.

The Linux version is 1.1.59.

The error happens on both a 386/16 with 5 MBRAM/42MBHD and on a 386/40 8 MBRAM
and 520 MB DOS shared HD. There are just a videocard (EGA or VGA tryed) and
a HD/FD controller in the maschine, sometimes there are also a NE2000 card,
but it dosent seam to change anything if i take it out. I even tryed several
times to reinstal the system even with software from different sites.

All the files in /etc/rc.d, and all the directorys above, has all rights set
for root, and execute rights for everyone else. I changed this so that, the
root (/), /etc, all files in /etc, the directory /etc/rc.d and finally all
files in /etc/rc.d has all rights set, nothing changes.

When I log in as root for the first time after boot, I have to

mount -n -o remount /
mount /proc /proc -t proc

Then the systems works until the next time it is booted.

When I am on the system (as root) I can not execute any file in the /etc/rc.d
directory. If I copy one ore more file from the /etc/rc.d directory, i still
cannot execute it. Everytime i write:


in the /etc/rc.d directory, and everywhere else, I get this error:

bash: ./rc.S: No such file or directory

even though I can edit the file with vi and cat it with

cat rc.S

I have looked in all the FAQ I can find, and all the documentation available.
Am I just stuppid, or am I the first in the world to encounter this problem.

Any hint and suggestion is higly apriciatet

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