Problem with SuSE 7.2 Professional Setup

Problem with SuSE 7.2 Professional Setup

Post by Eddie Bradfor » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 06:57:13

Hello, All ...

I just installed SuSE 7.2 Professional on an older Dell PC (XPS R400) on
which I had
installed a new, out of the box Maxtor ATA100 40GB drive.  The installation
(default with StarOffice) went fine, but when I logged off with shutdown,
and then powered back up, SuSE wants to
install itself again ("Please make sure that CD 1 is in the CD drive").
After going through the
install again several times, I still wind up with the same problem.  It is
possible with the selection
of the proper options during setup (reboot existing system, specifying boot
partition (/dev/hde3))
to get to the KDE prompt, but I know that this is not the way things should

Has anybody else experienced a similar problem?  Any ideas?