mail -s broken & setting up lpd / lprNG on InfoMagic Slakware April '97

mail -s broken & setting up lpd / lprNG on InfoMagic Slakware April '97

Post by Adam L. Kle » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00

I just installed the April '97 InfoMagic developer release of Slakware.  Nice
package - shadow passwords, updated libs, etc.

Only a few problems I've run into that I could use some guidance / reference

        1.  lprNG - read the man page and looked around DejaNews, but cannot
            find reference or instruction on how to convert old (standard
            Slakware lpr) to new version.  Any good documentation or

        2.  When starting up - lpd yells at me...

            1997-05-19-11:54:35 lpd Get_local_host: hostname 'dynamic220' bad

            I also get warnings in /var/log/messages

            May 18 14:20:30 klein lpd[62]: Get_local_host: hostname 'klein' bad

            I strongly suspect this goes to my network configuration - I'm
            using a DHCP-assigned IP address (using dhcpcd)

            My /etc/networks & /etc/hosts have nothing but
            '  localhost'
            I've got no /etc/hostname, and my /etc/HOSTNAME is

            I'm a novice when it comes to networking - the rest of my
            networking setup and the old lpd / lpr (in the Dec Infomagic
            Slakware release worked just fine).

        3.  mail (Mail) / Sendmail - cannot use 'mail -s' anymore.

            In my previous install of sendmail (8.8.5-ELF), I had a few
            scripts  that used 'mail -s <subject> <username>' with no
            problem.  After the re-install, I've got no 'mail' executable.  I
            used the standard 'sendmail' install with the setup and copied my
            old (worked fine for several months /etc/ over to the
            new system.  After installing the mail.local manually, everything
            except mail -s works.  I get:

            111 (12:03pm)dynamic220::ttyp0 ~> mail -s "foo" alklein

            CORRECT>rmail -s "foo" alklein (y|n|e|a)? no
            mail: Command not found.

            A friend suggested that I was missing the 'Mail' (BSD?)
            executable... I un-tarred my old sendmail-8.8.5-ELF and checked -
            no 'Mail' or 'mail' executable there.

Advice on some or any of these issues would be greatly appreciated - if
there's something I need to read, please point it out - I've read the HOWTOS,
DejaNews, etc.


Adam Klein
Adam L. Klein