Problem using a VT420 terminal

Problem using a VT420 terminal

Post by kuh.. » Thu, 10 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have a Linux System running in a LAN environment.

In may LAN I have a terminal-server from DEC (DEC-Communacations-Server 500)
which is able to establish TELNET Sessions.

On this Terminal-Server there are several VT420 Terminals wich I would like to
use for editing on the Linux-Machine.

After logging in I use the command "eval $(tset -s vt220)" to set up termcap
properly. The Terminal is in 7-Bit mode and all seems to be funny.

Now comes the problem:

To use emacs I need the Control-X Key. But this key will not work with my
VT. The second spooky thing is, that the first key-sequence, emacs gets is
a Control-S. From where does the Control-S come??

Can someone help me to setup this configuration properly??

Please E-mail to

Thank you for your comments

Markus Kuhnla
Leonberg, Germany


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I welcome all suggestions, hints, answers, or requests to
pass along information.  

Thank you all very much
Lily Liou

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