CDROM install problem

CDROM install problem

Post by Cle » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am having a problem installing from CD ROM distributions of LINUX.

As I am using a CD ROM which is IDE attached and ATAPI compliant, I ha
used boot disks called IDECD which claim to install from these drives.
However, because of my specific configuration I am using the IDE contr
on my soundcard (SB AWE 32) set to use IRQ 11 address 1e8 as a 'tertia
controller. My hardware , for reasons as yet not understood, does not
this to be used as 'secondary' at IRQ 15.

On boot up it is clear that my drives is not recognised and setting of
scan function fails with device not ready time outs. Some of the messa
boot up and also feed back on compuserve forums lead me to believe tha
15 is the only one being used to look for IDE drives not attached to p
on IRQ 14(not possible for CDROM - already full with 2 disk drives).

I have seen that the yggradrisil (spelling ????) dist now claims to su
any MSCDEX CD ROM - mine works under DOS / Windoze as one). Is this tr
my circumstamces? if so , or for any other reason is there a bootdisk
I can use to load my Slackware 2.2.0 from CD ROM to run from it?




JJM Clement (Clem)


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