NEC 260 IDE CD ROM works!!!

NEC 260 IDE CD ROM works!!!

Post by Kirk Wol » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

It has taken me 4 months of dinking around, re-compiling the kernel,
re-installing and re-installing, but none of it worked...

I was convinced that the NEC CDR 260  wouldn't work on my computer.

I installed using the Slackware 2.2 CD-ROM that came with the
Linux-unleashed.  I was unwilling to move on to install other packeges
for linux until I had gotten the kernel to recognise the CD-ROM, I
thought that there was something wrong with the kernel.

Well, me cd rom is located on hdc, the second IDE controller and is
the master device on that bus.  The installation kernel and boot disk
would recognise the cd-rom but after installation, the installed
kernel woudn't.... it kept giving me messages that said that the
kernel didn't support iso9660 type filesystems.

After having read a message pertaining to CD-ROM-s that are IDE and on
the 3'rd controller, but not specific to the NEC-CDR 260, I found that
the major and minor node numbers were incorrect.

Here is what to do:

Boot with the install disk that recognised the cd-rom origionally

at the shell prompt type 'ls -l /dev/hdc' or what ever the name of the
cd-rom device is on your computer.  If you have an atapi cd rom as the
first drive on your secondary ide-controller, the cd-rom should
probibly be called /dev/hdc

'ls' will tell you the major and minor node numbvers to use to
recognise your cd-rom in your previously installed linux filesystem.
The installation linux system should have numbers like 22 and 0 or
something like that, just keep then streight (don't flip them around)
and write them down on a piece of paper.

OK, now reboot into your installed linux system (with out the linux
install boot disk) and do a 'ls -l /dev/hdc' and compare the node
numbers.  If they are different, then this has been the culprit all

If the node numbers were different, type 'rm /dev/hdc', this will
remove the reference to hdc, but it won't hurt anything unless you had
the cd-rom mounted (which you hopefully didn't otherwiese you wouldn't
be following my procedure).

type 'mknod 444 /dev/hdc b 22 0'  the letter 'b' means that hdc is a
block device, 22 and 0 are the major and minor node numbers and 444
are the write permissions for /dev/hdc (I beleive that it could be
changed to 400 if you like, I am not sure).

ok, now make sure there is a cd-rom in the drive (woh hoo!) and type
'mount -t iso9660 -r /dev/hdc /cdrom'  this will mount the cdrom into
the directory /cdrom.

Aren't you happy now?



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the CD.  I tried a cat /dev/idecd (which I created according to the
insructions) and it gave me an I/O error.

If anyone has made this work, please mail me.  (Include kernal
version).  I'll summarize if there is interest.



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