Is there a HowTo for Proxy Cache ?

Is there a HowTo for Proxy Cache ?

Post by Andre Coetze » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00


Can somebody please tell me where to find information on setting up a
Proxy Cache server? I have a PPP dialup 14400 connection to my ISP. I
also intend to set up Dial-On Demand, but I have not been successful
with this. I *do* however have a cron job which successfully retrieves
my e-mail daily from my ISP.

The Firewall Howto gives me great information about setting up a Proxy
Server, but I would like it to cache HTML documents too???

I have the Infomagic Developers Toolkit (1 year old) and I have
installed Slackware 3.0   Even after 1 year's experience with Linux, and
despite some amazing things I have accomplished and learned, which I
never dreamed would be within my capabilities, I still consider myself a
complete novice.

Please reply via e-mail.

Thanks ... ac


1. Caching proxy server with off-peak cache refresh

This is my first Usenet request, so here goes...

I am involved in a project where a school will be connected to an ISP via ISDN.
 Although the costs will be subsidised, the local telco will still be charging
for each call that is made.  It works out at about 7 cents/minute peak (8am to
6pm) and about 2 cents/minute off-peak/weekends. The charging is done in units
(3 minutes/unit peak, 15 mins off-peak), so configuring ISDN to stay up until
just shy of the unit limit when there is no activity would make sense, but
that's a side-issue.
Therefore the need for a proxy caching server.

Linux seems to be the way to go, since a modest machine (486+) which, for
the users, runs Win95+browser slowly will do the job (?).

Are there server packages available which will allow the cached (mainly Web)
content to be refreshed automatically off-peak, especially stuff which has been
accessed in the previous couple of days.

Maybe this would help to keep costs down.
Anyone out there gone through this experience before?

(Yes I do work for the local telco, but that's a different story..  (;)

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