AD: New Linux CD $10, now shipping

AD: New Linux CD $10, now shipping

Post by Gary R Sekinge » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I've purchased an earlier cd from adras & had no problems. They
delivered what was promised. Enjoy.

Excerpts from netnews.comp.os.linux.misc: 3-Aug-95 Re: AD: New Linux CD

> This cheap price almost seems too good to be true.  How can it be
> possible to sell it at this low of a price???

> >ADRAS Computing is now shipping a brand new Linux Operating System
> >CD with Slackware(tm) 2.3, the Slackware ELF Beta disk sets, a live
> >2.3 file system, and more.  The CD has over 650 megabytes of Linux software
> >and documentation.  It sells for $10 plus shipping and handling ($3
in the USA,

> >$5 elsewhere) and will begin shipping August 2.

> >Linux is Linus Torvald's 32-bit Unix-like operating system that works
> >on 386, 486, and Pentium PCs.  Slackware is the most popular Linux
> >distribution, with lots of utilities and applications.

> >Slackware 2.3 is the most current "stable" version of Slackware, with
> >Linux kernel 1.2.8 and up-to-date versions of Linux software.