DIP Problem: Am I "slipping" or not?

DIP Problem: Am I "slipping" or not?

Post by Steve Mach » Mon, 08 May 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to set up dip.3.3.7l-uri as a server.  Everything seems to be
working fine - I can use dip to connect and stay connected without any
problems, and there are no error messages in the debug, messages, or
syslog files.  However, I am getting no response whenever I try using an
Internet-related service, i.e., ping, telnet, nslookup, ftp, etc.

It appears that one of two things is happening.  Either I don't really
have a slip connection, or I the host computer is not routing my requests
properly.  Is there any easy way to tell what the real problem is?

On the client end, I have set up the dip server as my Internet gateway,
and the routing table seems alright.  The nameserver also matches the
nameserver for the host machine.  On the host server, I am running kernel
1.2.7 compiled with IP forwarding.  All the relevant Internet functions
work perfectly on this machine.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or help anyone can give me to
resolve this problem.




DIP Problem: Am I "slipping" or not?

Post by Steve Macho » Tue, 09 May 1995 04:00:00

> im certainly no expert on this subject, but, on the client machine, is
> there a route added to the server /gateway machine?



> i.e. as part of start.dip command, there is line like:
> route add default gw <gateway machine> dev sl0

I've done tried both ways - from within the .dip script, and from the
command prompt. Nada happens.  

Thanks anyway,