Monitor Sync range Versus Scan range

Monitor Sync range Versus Scan range

Post by Ramin Sin » Fri, 17 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Greetings everyone,

Here is a dumb question for you. Is the synchronization range (Which
Redhat 4.2 claims is in our monitor's manual) the same thing as the scan
range? My manual (for Gateway 2000 Vivitron 17'')specifies the scan
frequency (31.5-80 kHz Horizontal; 50-100 Hz Vertical) but there is
nothing mentioned of synchronization.

I have tried substituting scan range for sysnc range during the setup,
but  I can not get the XFree86 (or any other X) to work. I have also
tried to extract information about synch. from the Windows 95 control
panels. But sysnch parameters appear to be a discret set of '+' or '-',
not a range of frequencies. So I am confused about what exactly is meant
by synchronization. Also I am confused on how the "refresh rates" fit

I am hopping that someone who has successfully used Gateway 2000
Vivitron 17'' with RedHat 4.2 can tell me what numbers should  I put for
vertical and horizontal sync rates. In general the redhat installation
does not have an entry for this monitor, so I also appreciate getting
advice on what other parameters I should customize (chose VGA or
SuperVGA, etc.). I use the Win95 settings of 16 bit, 600x800 resolution.

Thank you very much,
Ramin Sina


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specify the vertical and horizontal sync range myself.
Problem is the monitor manual doesn't tell anything about
the parameters. Finally I randomly picked 50-100 for both horizontal
and vertical sync range, which i think reasonable. It appears
to be working, but will it damage my monitor? I dont know.

Anybody has knowledge about what the correct setting
should be?


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