Win 98 + SAMBA File Shares w/Passwords

Win 98 + SAMBA File Shares w/Passwords

Post by Len Goldenste » Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:00:00

At home I have a Linux PC and a Windows PC.  I have SAMBA 1.9.18p8 running
under Linux 2.0.34 sharing out files to my Win 95 PC.  Certain file shares
had username and password protection with the standard "security = share"
in smb.conf.  Everything has worked fine for a very long time.

Until today when I upgraded to Windows 98.  The networking between the two
PC's is fine and working normally.  I can access SAMBA shares that do not
use a password properly.  When I try to access a password'ed SAMBA share,
it now asks me for the password (Win 95 already had the correct password
saved) and then when I enter the proper password for the file share, Win
98 and/or SAMBA reports the password as incorrect.

So does anyone have any explination and fix to this apparent Win 98 &
SAMBA password problem?  I have tried changing passwords on the Linux box,
this didn't fix it.  I tried deleting my *.pwl files under Win 98 and this
did not help either.  I am positive that Win 98 is reporting the proper
username to SAMBA but the password is just not being accepted properly.
Perhaps Microsoft changed the password encryption protocol since Win 95?

Any suggestions and information are very welcome and will be much

Thank you,
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I couldn't get any answer to this from the Windows crew on
microsoft.public.win98.networking ... probably all too busy solving the
latest security hole...

so I figured I'd try here, as many have undoubtedly had to deal with
heterogenous networks (maybe I should post to samba group next?)

I want to set this us for a client that accesses shares in Samba or
natively (dep upon what the server is running - Win 98 only takes 8 char's,
Samba accepts longer!), ... plus security concerns: I don't want the thing
caching privileged pws...



Does anyone know a registry hack or other way to accomplish this:

When browsing network neighborhood shares, and subsequently seeking to
access, I want the "save password in your password list" box UNchecked by

I don't want to forget and cache passwords for privileged user functions,
but still maintain the ability to MANUALLY check the box to save less
privileged functions.

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