LILO Boot of /dev/hdb

LILO Boot of /dev/hdb

Post by Juzer T. Kop » Sun, 18 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have a 1gig HD as primary and a 850-meg as the secondary. The 1 gig is
shared by win95 and linux whilst the secondary I have just installed
BSD/OS. Lilo was/is working fine with Linux/win95. I installed the entire
BSD/OS on /dev/hdb and add the follwing to my lilo.conf to enable BSDI
to be booted directly of off /dev/hdb..

# BSDI bootable parition begins
  other = /dev/hdb
  label = bsd
  loader = /boot/any_d.b
# BSDI bootable partition ends

I ran LILO successfully as shown below

fugs:/etc# lilo
Added Linux *
Added win95
Added bsd

When I rebooted and and hit the tab key at the lilo prompt, I could see
all three.

I could boot up win95 or linux successfully but on typing bsd, I got a
message "no bsd label" highlighted in blue and a flashing cursor. Is there
something I have missed ??

Does the BSDI boot blocks have to have a specific label for Lilo to
understand it ?? or is my BSD/OS just not setup right ??




LILO Boot of /dev/hdb

Post by Marc Ste » Mon, 19 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I use LILO to boot FreeBSD on my /dev/hdb as you are trying to do,
but I use the chain loader chain.b rather than any_d.b
Works fine.



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