floppy drives and read-only file systems...

floppy drives and read-only file systems...

Post by Andrew Walla » Fri, 31 May 1996 04:00:00

Strange... last night, I put a floppy into my Linux box, and mounted it, and
was told that it was going to be a read-only file system. Aha! says I - check
the write protect tab!

But I was denied. The same result came, no matter what position the tab was in.
My fstab looks something like this:

/dev/fd0        /floppy         rw      ...

In other words, I am telling mount to make it read-write.

Any ideas about what is wrong?


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1. Mount, read or extract files from a floppy image file (MSDOS) under Unix system


I search for a program on Unix, like a windows one called Winimage,
which read files from a floppy image file.

This file is a MS-DOS floppy file.

I think, it's possible with Linux to mount a imaage but I don't know why

I work on SUN Solaris and an HP UX, and a program like a 'tar xvf' of
this type og image will be welcome. I search an the internet and I can't
find nothing.
The ultimate goal is to put a seies of floppy on a CDROM, having the
floppy disk image.
I know making all the step except extract files from the images file on

If you have an answer, give an answer to this question by the news group
/ and by mail.

In advance thanks.

Nicolas Clochard

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