Red Hat Installation

Red Hat Installation

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Quote:> Carsten, there are some places (like

> and
> who sell CDs containing Red Hat for very low prices.  

About $1.99 ! are GIVING AWAY Brand new Linux CD's, all you pay is postage (about 1 in UK)!
Latest Redhat, Debian, Slackware etc etc but you have to order on-line. They are UK based but
I think the offer is global.

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1. red hat installation


I just bought a copy of the red hat distribution directly
from LSL (Linux Systems Lab) and it does not come with any

I've been running linux for a few years now, but never red

The problem I have has to do with the CD-ROM drive not being
detected during the installation process. I have an IDE
CD-ROM. Now, the question becomes: How can I force its
detection? By the way, I understand the whole installation
process is very different from, say, Slackware and Yggdrassil
which I've used before.

By the way, to make the boot disk - how do you go about it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS - I know that there are a few books out there that come
with a CD. However, they are ~ $40-$50 and price was a
consideration when I decided to order directly from LSL.

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