NCR53C94 - Any equivalent?? or is driver available?

NCR53C94 - Any equivalent?? or is driver available?

Post by Brian Tra » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

I hope someone can help - I have a machine with a NCR53C94 on-board
SCSI cttlr and I want to install Linux - Linux, however, does not see
the SCSI (0 detected!) on bootup from a floppy.  Any help greatly

Brian Trant


1. NCR53c94 SCSI driver?


 I'd like install linux on a PC (an old ICL DX66) which has a scsi disk,
with NCR 53c94 ship based scsi card. I understood from the SCSI-HOWTO that
there might be a alpha driver for it. Does it work? Is there another way
to get my disk working?


        Mikko Suonio

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