linking X library with libc-5

linking X library with libc-5

Post by Sung Kan » Sat, 18 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Does anybody know how to link X libraries with libc-5.  Thanks.

- Sung


1. problems upgrading libraries - libc-5.0.9 -> libc-5.2.18



i'm having a major problem upgrading to libc-5.2.18 from libc-5.0.9.
my system is already ~85% ELF, running linux 1.2.11.

here's what i do:

1) install gcc 2.7.2 binaries

2) install binutils-

3) install

4) install libc-5.2.18.bin as per instructions:
     cd /
     rm -f /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
     rm -f /usr/include/iolibio.h /usr/include/iostdio.h
     rm -f /usr/include/ld_so_config.h /usr/include/localeinfo.h
     rm -rf /usr/include/netinet /usr/include/net /usr/include/pthread
     tar -xzf libc-5.2.18.bin.tar.gz

so, i've got three independent problems. A is minor B and C are major.

A) the ldconfig that comes with doesn't work for me.  if
i compile it myself though, it works fine.  no big deal really but i
would think it should work 'out of the box'.

B) everything works ok until i install the new libc.  after installing
the new libc, a variety of commands fail to work, including:
ls, whereis, clear, rm, etc.  basically, a lot of /usr/bin stops
working.  that is, if i try to do a ls, i see nothing.  it just
doesn't list anything but returns no errors.

any ideas about this?  a lot of /usr/bin was updated using slackware
3.0 to get an ELF system and perhaps this wasn't the best choice.
where the hell is ls kept?  i haven't been able to figure out what to
d/l from tsx-11 yet so i can compile my own ls, especially one that is
statically linked for these events.

any ideas?  anyone know where i can find the programs in /usr/bin?

C) finally, after upgrading to the new libm ( programs will
no longer compile, i always get the same error -
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `__errno_location'

using however elminates this error.

so, what's going on!  my system is being too weird.

- -pjf

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U of Utah biochem grad student in the Bass lab - zinc fingers + dsRNA!

zifi runs LINUX 1.2.11 -=-=-=WEB=-=-=->

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