Rehat 5.1 and Win95--Partitioning Conflicts

Rehat 5.1 and Win95--Partitioning Conflicts

Post by Suman Misr » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I've just installed RedHat and run into a bit of a wall as far as getting
Linux to coexist peacefully with Win95. I'd appreciate any advice somebody
out there might have.

Before I started I divvied up my 3G drive into 4 Primary Partitions (a bit
of a mistake) :
1: 500M FAT16
2: 1.5G Linux (to come in safely under Cylinder 1024)
3: 500M FAT16
4: 500M FAT16

I then reinstalled Win95 to the first partition and some Win95 apps to
partition 3.

Redhat's install program made it clear that I had some more repartitioning
to do--I had to delete the 1.5G Primary Linux Partition that I had created,
recreate it as an extended partition and then define a set of logical drive
partitions within it for Linux /, /usr, /home, and swap swace with Fdisk
from the installer.

Everything went smoothly and I had a bonza Linux system setup. Even LILO
worked without a hitch. Very nice that RedHat automation--recognized all my
hardware straight off.

When I finally tore myself away and rebooted into Windows, I found that
somehow, Partition 3 (also known as D:) had become corrupted. The apps were
inaccesible. Partition 4 (E:) was still OK as was C:, the Win95 boot
partition. Windows worked, sans apps, for a bit but on the next reboot it
informed me that it couldn't find anything on D: like the .ini and registry
said it would--which was understandable. It then hung up completely. Corrupt
registry, I suspect. All attempts to revive it were unsuccessful. This
wasn't quite as understandable.

I reinstalled Windows again last night. Worked OK--rewrote over the MBR
however which killed LILO just like I was told it would. I popped in my
Linux boot disk this morning and it seemed like it would let me boot into
Linux but it gets to a point where its says it is "mounting root on
/dev/hda5 as _read only_" and then simply hangs.

Interestingly enough, Windows 95 is now seeing _three_ partitions of 500
MB--even though I reformatted the corrupt d: drive and then deleted the
partition. I had an eror message about conflicting FAT's.

Fdisk still tells me I have three partitions total--which is what I'd
expect--C:, D: (previously E:), and an Extended DOS partition (which is
where RedHat is loaded).

I don't quite know where to go from here. I can't get Linux started and I
don't much care to do anything with Win95, especially when it insists on
seeing drives and partitions that don't exist.

Thanks in advance for your insights,

Suman Misra
Technical Support Engineer
ABC Technologies

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