Graphic Card & Monitor Configuration

Graphic Card & Monitor Configuration

Post by Nikk » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Please if anyone can give me a solution.

I'm a beginner of Linux. I'm using Mandrake 6.
I can't get the proper screen resolution!
I've try many different combination of settings from Xconfigurator but still
come out a 320x320 screen!

My display card is ASUS AGP-V3200 (Drivers Version at 1.01)
My monitor is Sony Multiscan 200sf (Sony CPD-200sf)

I've tried once to get a 640x480 with 16 colour screen.

Other than that, I always end up with "Out of Scan Range" on my screen!

Please somebody, please give me a reply!
Thank you very much for reading this.


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I'm looking for information on how to go about running 2 or more
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Obviously not looking in the right place

Stuart Poulton

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