First Boot error message - RedHat 6.1

First Boot error message - RedHat 6.1

Post by Jaso » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I installed RedHat 6.1 last night after figuring out that my CD ROM drive
has been giving me problems.  When Win2k was installed it would keep telling
me I unplugged the device when trying to install anything from the CDROM.
The Linux install program would halt when trying to read the drive, so I
installed Linux from my SCSI hard drive to my IDE drive.  I made four

4.3G IDE
Linux Swap = 100 MB
/ = 150MB
/boot = 16 MB
/usr = rest of drive

Upon reaching the LILO boot: prompt and attempting to boot Linux I recieve
the error:

Kernel panic: Attempted to kill idle task!
In swapper task - not syncing

Could this be a hardware conflict of some kind?  I was advised that my RAM
may be faulty, but I tested it with memtest86 and it checks out ok... this
is my first jump into the Linux world so I am left w/o any ideas as to what
course of action I should take to remedy this problem

My machine is running Dual Pentium 90's, with 136MB RAM, onboard SCSI/PCI
chip with built in ethernet adapter, a 3com etherlink III, MGA vid card
(unsure of amount of video RAM) and SB 16 and a winmodem(should this be
totally removed to allow the box to function? since I want to dual boot can
Linux just disable this device?)

Any input appreciated, thanks =-)


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Would anyone have any suggestions where I might start tracking down this

When I boot RH 6.1 this message is displayed

Remounting Root File System in Read-Write mode
Finding module dependencies
conf:1: missing argument

can't open

I tried to look in /var/log but could not find anything.


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