RedHat Linux 6.1 Install from Hard Drive

RedHat Linux 6.1 Install from Hard Drive

Post by al.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

    I am fairly new to Linux, and I am in the process of installing
RedHat's Linux 6.1 from my PC's hard drive;
I had previously FTP'ed all the source files from RedHat's Internet web

    Now I have successfully loaded all files,  that make up the Linux
6.1 system, on my PC....


  .....  but the problem I am now having is pointing to these files
during the Linux installation.

    I created a  Boot  disk, but when I tell the installation prompts
that I am installing from my hard drive,
it only points to   /dev/hda1  and   /dev/hda4   !!!  There appears to
be no way to tell the Linux
Installation that my input is sitting on  /dev/hda7 .

DOS/Windows                   Linux
   Partition #1    [Primary]  Boot
   Partition #2    [Primary]  Windows
C:                              hda2
   Partition #3    [Primary]  Windows
C:                              hda3
   Partition #4    [Primary]  Container for the logical
drives                                                hda4
   Partition #5
D:                              hda5
   Partition #6
E:                              hda6
   Partition #7
F:                              hda7
   Partition #8        [Secondary]  Future Linux
Drive                                                         hda8
   Partition #9        [Secondary]  Future Linux
Swap                                                        hda9

    Incidently, I am planning to install Linux on  /dev/hda8  and
/dev/hda9 .

    Is there anyone who can tell me how to get the Install program to
point to   /dev/hda7  ????