WindowMaker Again

WindowMaker Again

Post by Adam Lein » Sun, 21 Feb 1999 04:00:00

>JUst a *. The way the RPMs are there are Two different viersions of
>Windowmaker. Probablly more. I have downloaded the LibProp list files and two
>different windowmaker files as far as RPM files go. Tried various
>combanations with bad results. Finally got it working on my work machine with
>by the way the exact same system but could nnot duplicat the good results at
>home. Is there an exact listing of files that needs to be downloaded to
>install WindowMaker .51. There is a larege verssion which always eros out and
>a small letter version. Which is the working copy and how do you install it
>in the correct order!!!! Thanks!

Download the WindowMaker tar and libproplist files.  Read INSTALL.  X
development files are needed and some graphical utilites as well.
These are listed in the INSTALL.  Don't use RPMs.


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