PLEASE...RH5.2 install problem!!!

1. PLease help, Problems with network card adn net install of RH5.2

    I am trying to install Redhat 5.2 over the net for a class and I am
having some trouble.  I have successfully done this installation on a
PII on the same network.  When the setup program tries to contact the
ftp site  (The same site that worked minutes before on the PII right
next to this 486.)  And it is unable to look up the site.  THere is no
activity on the hub either.  It is an intel 8/16 lan adapter (ISA)
device. My card in my PII (A 3 com) is automatically detected by redhat
but I have to define intel ether express for this instance and it can't
auto solve for my domain I have to enter it manually where as the PII
figures it out on its own.  I tried running the solaris device
configuartor boot disk which tries all drivers and gives a report of
found devices and the card is found.  Any ideas?  The lan cable is good

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