ALSA question

ALSA question

Post by Lars Sk?ringe » Thu, 29 Mar 2001 06:50:19


I am running Linux on an AMD Duron on an MSI K7T motherboard
with on-board sound (via686a). I am using SuSe 7.0 with
kernel 2.4.1 and have been looking at (trying to) running
more advanced sound applications (e.g. Brahms, RTSynth), but
without success yet.

When pressing 'play' in Brahms, I get the following XConsole
error message:

Mar 27 23:20:16 linux modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate
module synth0

If I try to run RTSynth, I get the following XConsole error
messages when pressing 'ON':

Mar 27 23:31:57 linux insmod:
/lib/modules/2.4.1/misc/snd-card-via686a.o: init_module: No
such device
Mar 27 23:31:57 linux insmod:
/lib/modules/2.4.1/misc/snd-card-via686a.o: insmod
sound-slot-0 failed
Mar 27 23:31:57 linux modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate
module sound-service-0-2

and in the terminal window from where RTSynth was launched:
Can not open midi device!

I have downloaded, compiled and installed ALSA drivers
(0.9.3 beta). But I understand that ALSA requires module
sound support, but my current kernel has sound support built
in. So I guess the error messages from RTSynth could be
because sound is in the kernel and not as a module? Could
recompiling the kernel to have module support for sound
instead solve this problem?

I have seen in this newsgroup that other people have had
problems with ALSA in similar setups (via686a), so I guess
my question is really: is recompiling the kernel, installing
ALSA etc. even worth trying in the setup I have? Or should I
get and install a stand-alone, more advanced souncard before
trying ALSA and software such as Brahms, RTSynth etc.? If
the answers are 'no' followed by 'yes', does anyone have a
soundcard recommendation (something that works well with
Linux for the things I'm trying)?