LILO with DOS on 2nd SCSI.

LILO with DOS on 2nd SCSI.

Post by Steven Rei » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00


        I have been working on getting my system up and running again
after a major drive crash and have run into a problem with lilo booting my
msdos partitions.

        I have two SCSI drives.  Drive 1 is a 4 gig seagate with my root
linux partition as /dev/sda1.  Drive 2 is a 2 gig quantum with my bootable
msdos partition as /dev/sdb1.  I have lilo setup on my MBR to boot to
linux or msdos.  It boots to linux fine, but when I try to boot to the
msdos partition it just locks up after "Loading msdos".

        I have read in several documents that booting dos from the second
HD will cause headaches, but can be worked with using lilo.  I am running
Slakware 3.0 right now and all of the utils that came with it.  Below is
my /etc/lilo.conf file.  Is there anything that I am missing that will fix
this problem?  I have marked /dev/sda1 as bootable with linux's fdisk as
msdos will not let me mark it active since it is on the second disk.

Thanks for any suggestions!

--- Begin /etc/lilo.conf ---
boot = /dev/sda
delay = 50
vga = normal    # force sane state
ramdisk = 0     # paranoia setting
image = /vmlinuz
  root = /dev/sda1
  label = *RockLinux
other = /dev/sdb1
  table = /dev/sdb
  label = *RockDos
  loader = /boot/any_d.b
--- End lilo.conf ---


1. using lilo to boot dos from 2nd scsi drive


I have Linux and LILO on my 1st scsi disk (id 0) /dev/sda
I have DOS/windows on my 2nd scsi disk (id 1)    /dev/sdb

Lilo boots linux just fine.

Lilo wont boot DOS. I get an error message about "non-system disk blah blah

        interesting phenomenon:
        if I insert a dos boot floppy after the above message, DOS
        boots from it and sees the 2nd scsi disk as drive c. But then
                1. the "dir" command lists all my dos/windows files &
                   "scandisk" says everything is kewl.

                2. the "dir" command lists no files, there is no label &
                   "scandisk" complains that everything is corrupt.

        I cannot explain the above randomness, except that I tried LOTS of
        combinations for LILO trying to get everything to work :)

From linux, i can also see my 2nd scsi drive (mounted as a DOS
filetype), and all the normal DOS files are there! (including,

Salient info:
        486-66dx2 with phoenix bios, micronics JX-30 motherboard
        Slackware V3.0 (linux 1.2.13)
        ultrastore 34f scsi-2 (vesa local bus)

Here is my /etc/lilo.conf file:
        boot = /dev/sda
        delay = 150
        vga = normal
        ramdisk = 0
        image = /vmlinuz
                root = /dev/sda1
                label = Linux
        other = /dev/sdb1
                label = dos
                table = /dev/sdb
                loader = /boot/any_d.b

Any can help I would be most appreciative. Thanks!


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