Partioning for DOS/Win + Linux over two drives?

Partioning for DOS/Win + Linux over two drives?

Post by Armen Ezekieli » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi folks. I am waiting to receive my linux distribution and waiting to
install a 1.08 GB WD HD alongside a Seagate 528 MB. Does anyone have any
recommendations regarding the partitioning of the two drives? I am
tentatively planning on moving all files on the 528 onto the WD. Would
putting linux/X on one drive or the other be more advantageous? The WD
drive is EIDE of course while the 528 is IDE. My motherboard has
on-board IDE and I will be getting an EIDE card. Thanks for any and all

--Armen Ezekielian
OSU Dept. of Physics


Partioning for DOS/Win + Linux over two drives?

Post by Matthew R. Walk » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I plan on doing something similar with my computer.  I will get getting another hd and then using the new hd for linux and keeping my old dos hd, dos without having to repartition and format...
I refuse to use fdisk...

I can run dos in dos and linux on my linux hd.  I can copy linux stuff to my dos hd and everything will be cool.  I bought Using Linux, by Que.  It comes with a cd for all the slackware, linux ver 2.0.0 and a HUGE 800+ page manual to tell u evrything about linux, internet, xdisplay and all that good stuff.  I recommend the book HIGHLY, i got it at barnes and noble...  If you can't find it Que-the publisher-has a web page so u can contact them directly.

Anyone with any insight on this two hd, partitioning--HOPEfully, no partiton because with a new hd dedicated to linux, I won't need to use fdisk..

I also have an ethernet connection and if u don't have ethernet than linux might be a waste of time...

Help would be appreciated and we'll be in touch--Armen Ezekielian
OSU Dept. of Physics.

Matthew Walker
ACM Member, RPI


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On Wed, 07 Nov 2001 11:25:08 GMT, Matthew Planchant

What does fdisk or cfdisk say about the partition table layout?

The amount of mounted usable space will vary depending on how the
filesystems are initialized, since the filesystem overhead will vary.

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