Q - PPP, PAP, NT server, setup... ANSWER HERE

Q - PPP, PAP, NT server, setup... ANSWER HERE

Post by Bill Pog » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: - GET LINUX linux-1.3.37.tar.gz (or higher, maybe) and ppp-2.2.0c.tgz.
: - Compile kernel like normal
: - Read the instructions for ppp-2.2.0c but don't worry about applying the
:   "make kernel" patch, as the 1.3.37 kernel has the changes in it already.

I have to agree here. This is exactly what I have running... and it works
like a champ.


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1. Q - PPP, PAP, NT server, setup... ANSWER HERE

According to Alan Cox, the fix is on Linus' TODO list.

-- Raj
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    Andrew> Yes, except I can't have more than 10 routing entries
    Andrew> appear in the table when I use 'route' with 1.3.35 or
    Andrew> 1.3.37 :-(

    Andrew> Any suggestions?

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