Can't switch VC's in RAW keyboard mode (Dosemu)

Can't switch VC's in RAW keyboard mode (Dosemu)

Post by sau.. » Mon, 01 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Well, the title says it all.  I have to have RAW mode for certain programs, but then I can't switch
virtual consoles.  The Dosemu manual says that you can switch by using the left alt key and a function
key, but of course that doesn't work....

                                Any input appreciated...
                                        Miles Thomason


1. Minor bug in raw keyboard mode -- CTRL-ENTER doesn't work

Now that I have Quicken working, I notice that CTRL-ENTER doesn't do
what it should.  In Quicken under plain DOS, it has a certain effect,
which it doesn't under dosemu.  According to memacs, run under DOSEMU,
CTRL-ENTER returns ^J.  But presumably memacs is doing some
translation of its own.

Nothing tragic (and if anyone can tell me where to look I'll try and
fix it), but if we're striving for perfect software (!)....


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