Need help setting up null modem CSLIP link from Mac to Linux box...

Need help setting up null modem CSLIP link from Mac to Linux box...

Post by Patrick Stickl » Tue, 09 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I've been unable to get a null-modem-cable CSLIP connection working between
my Macintosh and my Linux box. When I run getty on the serial port, I can
log in just fine, so the physical connection is apparently OK.

I have created an entry in /etc/diphosts for the Mac as follows:


and modified the entry in /etc/inittab to run '/usr/sbin/diplogin mac'
instead of getty (and of course ran 'init q' to respawn the process).

I'm using InterSLIP on the Macintosh, which works fine with my ISP, so
that is also set up OK -- except of course that I modified the
configuration to specify my Linux box as the gateway, etc.

When I connect to the Linux box from the Mac, InterSLIP shows that the Mac
is connected and ps under linux shows dip running on the port, but I can't
ping the Mac nor can any Mac TCP/IP apps connect to the Linux box.

Doesn't dip set up the routing for the connection automatically? How can I
check that dip has configured everything correctly?

Any help in getting this working will be greatly appreciated!


Patrick Stickler


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