Linux still can't detec Sony cdu33a CD-Rom driver

Linux still can't detec Sony cdu33a CD-Rom driver

Post by youcheng zha » Mon, 04 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi, there,

I am trying to make my Sony cdu33a cd-rom driver work under Linux.
The cd-rom driver is attached to soundblaster 16 soundcard and works
fine under dos/windows with 2 ide hard drive.
I use kernel 1.2.9 and configure kernel with cdu31a driver and iso9660
filesystem support and have symbolic link /dev/cdrom to /dev/cdu31a.
I have run the MAKEDEV.ide1 shell script file and put kernel command
append = "cdu31a=0x230,0," (also tried "append=cdu31a=0x230,0,")
in lilo.conf file.
(I have tried also boot to DOS then insert bootdisk to boot to Linux)
The cdrom driver still can't be detected at the boot time.
The cdu31a device driver exists with right major and minor number,
and doing cat /proc/filesystems indicate the presence of iso9660
filesystem. However doing cat /proc/devices does not show the presence
of cdu31a cdrom device driver.

Please help !!!
Any help, solutions or suggestions will be greatly appriciated.

Youcheng Zhang
Dept. Oceanography, TAMU


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