FIPS on a HD larger than 8 GB

FIPS on a HD larger than 8 GB

Post by Henrik Lidbj?r » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I have a harddrive of 8400 GB (with one FAT32 partition and nothing
else) that I want to repartition. I tried FIPS 2.0, and it wants me to
choose start-cylinder for the new partition. It looks something like

Choose start-cylinder:

Old partition   Cylinder        New partition
10xx.x MB       147             6xxx.x MB

It won't let me choose a cylinder below 147, and 10xx.x MB is definitely
wrong. That's around 1 GB, and I have a partition of about 7.9 GB! I
don't understand 6 GB either, as it calles the new partition.
Would I be able to resize my 7.9 GB partition like this?

Thanks in advance

Henrik Lidbj?rk, Sweden
ICQ: 4417505


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Someone started a thread with this very appropriate subject. But I
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