Partitioning Advice Please

Partitioning Advice Please

Post by Sam Kersha » Tue, 02 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I'd appreciate some advice on the number and size of the partitions I
should create on my 2.5 G Hard Disk (in a Gateway 2000).

I want both Win 95 and Red Hat Linux installed. I will be using
Win 95 for running Office 95, Visual C++ and the Java Dev Kit (plus
a few other apps). I will be using Linux for software development using
GNU tools and Java.

My initial thoughts were to give Win 95 1.5 G and Linux 1 G.

I realise there are can be no definitive answers to this question but
as I have only just bought the computer I really have no idea how my
disk usage requirements will develop.

Any advice on partitioning would be most welcome !



P.S. Will a tape streamer installed under linux be able to archive the
Win 95 partition(s) ?


1. partition setup advice please!

I want to install redhat 5.2, possibly with the automated "workstation"
install since this is my first shot at linux.

This requires X amount of unpartitioned space on my HD to work.
currently I run two partitions: A dos boot partition, and an extended
dos partition with several logical drives holding all my windows stuff.

I need advice on what to do...
1. Do I try to save my data/windows and break up the partition? fips is
giving me trouble with it... I think because the partition is fat32

2. Do I scrap the partition and Install linux first, then windows?

3. Scrap the partition and Install windows then linux?

other things of note: my hd is a 13 gig, and I hear that LILO won't
work correctly if written to a cylinder above 1024.  So I have to get
the linux partition somewhere near the front of my hd

thanks in advance for all help.  I just want to be able to use linux
and still play all my games :-P


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