Probleme with LILO after addinf a new hard disk ...

Probleme with LILO after addinf a new hard disk ...

Post by Didier CR » Mon, 29 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello ...

I have a little problem with re-installing Linux on my pc ...
Maybe some one can help me ...

Here it is ...
  I'm was running Linux on a Win95-PC, and i recently add a new hard
disk on my
  PC ... The problem is that i can't run lilo now ...

Old configuration (wich works perfectly) :
   Primary IDE controller
      c: Hard Disk 720 Mo DOS
      d: Hard Disk 540 Mo Linux
   Secondary IDE controller
      e: CD-ROM mistsumi (IDE)
      f: none

New configuration
   Primary IDE controller
      c: Hard Disk 720 Mo DOS
      d: Hard Disk 1,2 Go DOS
   Secondary IDE controller
      e: Hard Disk 540 Mo Linux
      f: CD-ROM mistsumi (IDE)

When I run lilo -v ==>
  LILO version 0.15, Copyright 1992-1994 Werner Almesberger
  Reading boot sector from /dev/hda
  Merging with /boot/boot.b
  Sorry, don't know how to handle device 0x1601

My lilo.conf is correctly configured (lilo on MBR, 5 seconds time out,
/dev/hda1 for DOS, /dev/hdc1 for linux=) ...

If someone see anything wrong, or know how to solve this problem..
please contact me by e-mail


Thanks in advance,

P.S. : Here's some informations about my configuration ...

df command returns :
  Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
  /dev/hdc1             499116  169559   303779     36%   /
  /dev/hdb1            1584320  896864   687456     57%   /dos_d
  /dev/hda1             712432  489600   222832     69%   /dos_c

Contents of /etc/fstab
  /dev/hdc2        swap        swap        defaults   1   1
  /dev/hdc1        /        ext2        defaults   1   1
  /dev/hdb1        /dos_d        msdos        defaults   1   1
  /dev/hda1        /dos_c        msdos        defaults   1   1
  none             /proc    proc        defaults   1   1

Contents of /etc/mtab
  /dev/hdc1 / ext2 rw 1 1
  /dev/hdb1 /dos_d msdos rw 1 1
  /dev/hda1 /dos_c msdos rw 1 1
  none /proc proc rw 1 1

ls -l /boot


1. Replacing Hard Disk - Copying Linux system to new Hard Disk ????


1) create a lilo boot disk with lilo, and the kernel on it (email me if you
   need to know how to do this too)

2) install the new drive in the system, create a filesystem on it, and
   mount it on, say, /mnt

3) copy the filesystem over, making sure to preserve permissions, and
   exclude /mnt and /proc.  Some ways to do this are

cp -a -x / /mnt
        note that the -x means only stay on one filesystem, so if you
        normally have more than one filesystem mounted, you'll need to copy
        those over, too.

( cd / ; tar --atime-preserve -l -p --same-owmer -v -cf - / ) | ( cd /mnt ;
tar --atime-preserve -p --same-owner -xf - )
        but all as one line...

4) after veryfying everything looks good, you can remove the old system,
   reboot off of the boot disk, and re-install lilo on the new disk.

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