Printer problems under RH 7.1

Printer problems under RH 7.1

Post by Yanglon » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 14:25:31

Hi everybody,

I used the printtool to setup an Epson Stylus color 740 printer. But no
matter how do I test print, the printer never responded. The printer is
connected to a duo boot system WindowsME and RHLinux 7.1. Under Windows
it works fine, but not under RH 7.1. What is the trick?

Please help.


1. RH 7.1 Printer configuration problem

Hi :
I just migrated to RH 7.1 from RH 7.0. I m having problem with my
I used the new tool printconf to do the job. I defined a new queue.
But when I try to test a page ( or invoke lpq from teh command line ),

not be located. I searched the web and LPRng howto seemed to be
suggesting that I get this because I dont have an /etc/printcap. In my
case I have one except that it only have comment lines ( cautioning me
not to edit it directly ).
1. So how am I supposed to get printcap configured. Or did I miss
something else.
2. Also in the earlier print configuration tool ( which I used to
launch from the control-panel ), there was an option to define a queue
that will print 2 ( or 4 or 8 ) pages on one side of the sheet. I
couldn t find any ways in the new printconf. Is that a dead end.


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