RedHat 6.2 re-installation fails

RedHat 6.2 re-installation fails

Post by Patrick.Bulti.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I had a PIII; 800 Coppermine with SCSI controller running Linux RedHat
6.2 quite happily, but re-installed it after some hardware (NIC) misery.
Now I let RH do a GNOME workstation installation. I can specify
partitions etc., but when they need to be formatted, I see no HD
activity. Too bad, but RH proceeds with the package installation. When
this is done, the system simply hangs. There is no disk (SCSI, Adaptec)
/dev/sda activity anymore. Touching the space bar makes the comp wake
up, and it tells me that it is doing post installation configuration.
And this lasts and lasts without observable activity... Eventually I
have to shut everything down, and end up doing Windows work... I
currently have several pc's running linux, but this one puzzles me.

Any advice ? And could it have anything to do with the network interface
card ?




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Ok, so I'm trying to reinstall after I had some sort of system failure
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Dax Westerman

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