Dynamic loading of tcl libs with linux?

Dynamic loading of tcl libs with linux?

Post by Timothy S. McIntir » Tue, 01 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone gotten dynamic loading of tcl libraries to work with linux?
I have a copy of tclLoad-alpha0.4 that I am trying to compile, but
without much luck.  As it goes through the configure script, it
attempts to find a method of dynamic loading, it says it can't find
one, and  so the "load" command will not be available.

What is it looking for?  I have the dld-3.2 package installed.  Isn't
that supposed to be the dynamic loader package?  I can compile
standard tcl, itcl tclX, ( statically ) but would really like to use
a dynamic loader to load in dp-tcl calls ( as well as other things).

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.....



1. Tcl 7.5 w/ Dynamic Loading & Shared Libs On Linux With Gcc 2.6.3?

Hi All,

I am running Linux Kernel 1.2.13 and I have an OLD Slakware 2.3
installation running.  My version of GCC is 2.6.3.

I am trying to load zircon (an X IRC client), and it requires Tcl 7.5/Tk
4.1.  So, I downloaded the source (are there any aout binaries for this
newest version?) and attempted to compile it.  With Tcl, I ran into the
following error with the configure script:

checking system version (for dynamic loading)... Linux-1.2.13
checking for -ldl... no
checking for dld.h... no
Can't figure out how to do dynamic loading or shared libraries
on this system.

Consequently, I don't have the *.so.* versions of the libraries after
compiling.  Everything ELSE compiles fine!  I just don't have
shared/dynamic libraries.

Is there a way to fix this problem?  I have many other *.so.* files in my
/usr/lib directory, but they may have been installed as binaries without
compiling them.  I am not for sure.  Is my version of gcc just TOO old?  
Or, is there another problem?  Any information/advice you can give would
be greatly appreciated!  :)

Thanks in advance!  :)

James Wilson

WWW Homepage: "http://star.fay.ar.us/~jwilson/"

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