25/50 Line Console Mode

25/50 Line Console Mode

Post by pig.. » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Are there any doc's for making Linux VC's 50 lines?
I have found restoretextmode doesnt work properly.
It will give a screen with a font that is 50 rows,
but it skips 1 line so as to have 25 lines off the screen.
Any suggestions appreciated.
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1. RH 7.0 : change console text lines from 25 to 50 or higher ?

is there a way to change no. of text lines on console from 25 to
something higher on Red Hat 7.0 ? 25 lines is just not enough.

There's nowhere in Red Hat 7.0 install and getting started guide
that describes how to change that. Also I did a search and found out
about the FreeBSD command "vidcontrol" but it is not availble in RH7.0.
(See I did my research before I bother the world......)
Thank you

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