'term' experts

'term' experts

Post by kimb » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi. I'm having trouble with term.
Here is my problem. After much confusion and hacking, I've gotten term to
work. However it is unbelievably slow. I have a USR Sportster 28800 but
my 'cps' when tmon is running is very jumpy from about 1700 to 100
when I'm running an x application on the remote computer and the information
is being sent to my local computer. Anyway, I ran linecheck on both machines,
and the local computer had a linecheck log as follows (I just copied the
first few lines and the end of the output):

Handshaking successful
  0 sending char
invalid packet: Handshaking sucessful
invalid packet:   0 sending char
  0 received valid
  1 sending char
invalid packet:   0 received valid
invalid packet:   1 sending char
  1 received valid
  2 sending char
invalid packet:   1 received valid
invalid packet:   2 sending char
  2 received valid
  3 sending char
invalid packet:   2 received valid
invalid packet:   3 sending char
  3 received valid
  4 sending char
invalid packet:   3 received valid

(the middle I cut out because it was all the same)
(the end of the files follows):

251 received valid
252 sending char
invalid packet: 251 received valid
invalid packet: 252 sending char
252 received valid
253 sending char
invalid packet: 252 received valid
invalid packet: 253 sending char
253 received valid
254 sending char
invalid packet: 253 received valid
invalid packet: 254 sending char
254 received valid
255 sending char
invalid packet: 254 received valid
invalid packet: 255 sending char
255 received valid
invalid packet: quit
invalid packet: invalid packet: done

On the machines, the commands that I typed were (on the remote)

and on the local machine I typed
'linecheck < /dev/cua1 > /dev/cua1'

I'm not sure what is going wrong. I'm new to this whole linux thing
and the problem here could be something very easy. I've read all the
HOWTO's and such but I've haven't been able to figure it out. Some
info that I know is that my term is ver 2.3.5 and the remote's term
is 1.0.8. However I downloaded the most recent linecheck
from ftp.funet.fi for my remote system's unix version which is UNIX(r)
System V Release 4.0. on a Sun4. Also I am running slackware 3.0. I
would be greatly indebted to you for any help that you could provide.
Thank you in advance.


1. Any 'term' experts out there?

I am trying to install term (version 2.3.4) but am having problems.  I
have read all the man pages and how-to's but I still can't get 'testterm'
to run correctly, nevermind trying to get it to run on a remote host.
Here is what I did:
First, I ran '/.configure --root'
Then, I ran 'make installnet installman' (to build term in private mode
                                          with full networking)
Then I set the environmental variables
        setenv TERMDIR $HOME
        setenv TERMMODE 0
I also have my termrc file set up with the standard defaults.
Up to here everything is fine.  However, when I run 'testterm' it just
hangs.  I tried running 'testterm &' to run it in the background and
when I  looked at 'ps -acux' I saw that there were indeed 2 versions
of term running (which is what I want).  But when I then tried to
test the setup as described in the manpages with the command
        'tupload ./term /usr/tmp'
I got the following error message:

:gethostbyname: Linux: Nonauthoritative `host not found' or server failed
Term:  Failed to connect to term socket `/root/.term/socket'

I can't get past this point.  I looked in my /etc/hosts and I have the line       Linux.org       localhost
which seems normal.
I don't know what else to do.  
If anyone has any ideas about what the problem might be I would appreciate
it if you could e-mail me (the news server I am connected to is sometimes
unrealiable).  Thanks in advance.

alfred rizzo
new york, ny


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