Linux on MicroChannel/PCI machine...

Linux on MicroChannel/PCI machine...

Post by Nik Hisha » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I just wondered if anyone had ever set this up berfore.  Today at work,
while working on an old IBM PC Server model 320 MCA/PCI, I accidentally
rebooted the machine with my slackware 3.5 CD in the drive.  To my
surprise, the kernel loaded successfully.  Just to follow thru, I
created some space on the hdd (attached to the AHA7870 adapter which is
part of the motherboard) and tried to install the whole thing.  Again to
my surprise, the install was successful.  I also managed to connect to
our LAN using a MicroChannel 16/4 Ttoken Ring adapter.  Now, the machine
is just sitting there with the XDM login screen.

Now here's what thought was weird with the whole thing - and I hope
someone can comment on this.  The Adaptec SCSI adapter (AHA78xx) is PCI
where as the IBM token ring NIC is an MCA board.  The question is which
kernel did linux load?

Now that I've got it running, here's my second question - and I should
say that this is a hell of a long shot but I'll ask anyway.  Can lotus
notes be made to work on linux and X11?  Is there an AIX version that I
can mess with?  Is it legal to mess with it?


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1. Linux does work on microchannel machines!

I installed Linux on my PS/2 model 70 yesterday and it seems to
work fine.  I have a Maxtor SCSI drive connected to a Future Domain
MCS-600 microchannel SCSI controller.  Linux does not see the IBM ESDI
drive, but it installed ok on the SCSI drive.  Drivers for Future
Domain SCSI adapters are the same for both ISA and microchannel.

The FAQ should not say that Linux does not support microchannel.  It
should just say that the IBM microchannel disk controllers are not
supported, but other controllers work.
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