Nixdorf Terminal Info wanted !

Nixdorf Terminal Info wanted !

Post by Sven Gegg » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

I recently got an old Nixdorf Terminal Type "BA 44" for free. I would
like to attach this to my PC running LINUX the Problem is now, that I
don't know the kind of serial Port this device is using and I don't even
know how to configure this port (Baud rate etc.)
I would like to know the hot key to change this.

Thanks for any Info - running a getty for the device shouldn't be a Problem

TIA for help



1. WANTED: INFO on kernel config info

I just patched up to 1.1.72 and while do a make config I say some really
cool sounding new config options. I wass wondering if someone could
clue me in on what they do.
        1. VESA Power Saving Protocol Support -
                are there special hardware requirements for this ?
        2. IP multicasting (ALPHA) -
                is this the same as the multicasting patch I have for my sun
                workstation so that I can use vat ? Is there some sort of "vat"
                for linux which would let me talk over the network ? What
                hardware/software is required ?

Under Networks

        3. IP firewalling -
                what does this do ? Allow for the creation of the system as
                a firewall or configure it as a firewall or what ?
        4. IP accounting -
                What type/how much accounting.
        5. 16 channels instead of 4 -
                I never really did understand the notion of "channel" under slip.
                Is this the number of slip connections ? Is this the number of
                "network connection scheduling slots" or what. What is the advantage
                of 16 channels over 4 ?
        6. Load balancing support (experimental) -
                I have seen this before but never knew what it did. What does it try
                to do ?

I don't have any of these compiles in right now but would like to know what
they do. As the kernel Howto doesn't mention these I thought I would ask.
Randy Sharpe

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