Remove Linux--Restore original setiings?

Remove Linux--Restore original setiings?

Post by Joseph_Leicht » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I'd like to remove Redhat linux and restore the original
configuration to my machine (at least until I  feel more comfortable
with this stuff!). I've been getting loads of "illegal operation" messages
from win 95, and I need that OS up and running. I've checked all the How
-to's and FAQs I can think of
but none (that I've found) can tell me what to do--thanks in advance for any
Here's the deal:

        Did I do everything the FIPS doc asked? Well, sort of..(uh oh).i
*did* defrag, mentioned removing the windows swap space, but I'm not
sure how that works on 95 (it was easy enough to mess with in 3.1), so I just
ignored that statement, hoping that FIPS would complain if something was
up---ditto with that thing about removing the IMAGE, which some Norton
utility or other makes on my machine.My HD had a C and D drive, about 2 gb
each (actually one drive with 2 partitions--the defintion of which i'm
learning by paiinful experience!). I was *planning* on using FIPS on the D
"drive", and that Norton Utlility only mentioned an IMAGE for the C, so I
didn't worry (silly me!)
        Anyway, when i ran FIPS , I got a table that said my partitions were
hda1, hda2 and <hda5>, each about 2 gb. Not knowing what to make of this
--thinking "where'd this hda5 come from?" (the first sign I should have
turned off the machine and watched Seinfeld instead), I figured hda2 *had* to
be my
 D drive. So i tried to split that. FIPS said "FIPS can't split extended
partitions yet" I split hda1 instead, into a 1.3 (DOS) and .7 gb (for
linux) chunks. When I rebooted, sure enough, my C was now 1.3 gb, my D still
2 gb and there was an icon in 95
for an E drive, which 95 couldn't read--success, I thought.
        I went ahead and installed redhat 4 from CD ( spent much time trying
to configure X and slip..the least of my worries now!). I used linux's fdisk
to make the extra space into  2 primary partitions--an hda3 (660mb) for linux
and an hda4 (30mb) for linux swap.When I booted via lilo into 95, my C was
still 1.3 gb, D was 2 and that E was gone.
Thne the "Illegal operation" messages started!
        How do I go about
re-partitioning and reformatting the drive to restore it original state? What
I'd like to do--for the time being--is just have 95 on the machine and run
the RedHat off the CD--at least until i get a better idea of things.( luckily
I have the 95 and redhat CDs)
        I 'm guessing ( which is what got me into trouble in the first place)
1)I have to go into linux and run fdisk again to remove the hda3 and hda4
2)Will I have to run "restorbb" form my FIPS disk to restore the original
partition table at this point?
If not, how to I get my partiton table back to its original state?
3)Do I have to run the 95 FDISK at this--or any other -point? I looked at it
and it says that it can only handle 2 gb partitions
4) When/how do I reformat my HD for DOs/95?
        Once the HD is my  reformattted and repartitioned into its original
state, I'll be OK  ( i hope)...I have the disks to install 95, as well as all
the other driver disks, etc...
        Thanks again for any help,
Joe Leichter


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