mount: no medium found

mount: no medium found

Post by Alan Murrel » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 14:40:41

Hi All!

I've already searched the news archives at
(, and haven't found a solution to this :-(

Background: I have installed a regular CD-ROM device and a CD-RW device,
both using SCSI emulation so that XCDRoast (or GCombust, or whatever GUI
client I use) will be able to see both drives, and make CD-to-CD rips/copies
that much easier.

> I use to have it setup like that.  Why don't you just use ide-scsi
> emulation for both drives?  I use scsi emulation for both drives so
> XCDRoast and other burning frontends can see the regular CDROM too.

Okay, this is no  problem.  When I run "cdrecord -scanbus", both the
CD-RW and CD-ROM are recognized on the scsibus.  Both are on the the
secondary IDE channel (the CDRW is the master and CDROM the slave).

My setup is:
/mnt/cdrw /dev/scd0
/mnt/cdrom /dev/scd1

Except, I am able to mount CDs no problem on the CDRW, but when I try to
do so on the CD-ROM, i get the error "no medium found".  I am thinking
that the problem may lie in my /etc/conf/modules, which is:

alias scd0 sr_mod
alias scd1 sr_mod
alias scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi
options ide-cd ignore='hdc hdd'

I am thinking that the problem lies with the dual "sr_mod" aliases.  Are
there perhaps some parameters that I need to put in there, similar to
what one would normally need to do if they were using two network cards
that were exactly the same model in the same machine?  Or am I on the
wrong track here?

If someone has already done this (KJ), I'd be *very* interested to know
how this problem was solved.  Thanx!

P.S.: It's no biggie that the regular CD-ROM can't read CDs, since it's
only a 12x, and I'll only be using it for CD-to-CD burns, but I would
like to get it working :-)

Thanx, in advance.


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