eth0 problems

eth0 problems

Post by Keith Alan Rothschil » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hello all!

I am having a weird problem.

My computer got hacked so I decided to do a clean install with RedHat.

All went well.

On the fourth reboot it no longer recognizes the ethernet card.

I am not sure what I did but I got it to work...

I think it was from me typeing the following...

modprobe -t net ne.o
/etc/sysconfic/network-scripts/ifup ifcfg-*

I have typed other things, but don't remember them...

It works now, until I reboot... :(

Any suggestions?




1. typical eth0 problems

The information you have provided isn't very informative.  Look at the dmesg
output first then /var/log/messages for lines relating to the NIC.  If loaded
do ifconfig eth0.

If DHCP doesn't work then give it static IP and see if anything appears on a

After that ifconfig and lets see the counts.


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