Help! irq timeouts during boot time

Help! irq timeouts during boot time

Post by Timothy Star » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hello Folks:

Help! I moved my hard drives to my new system but I no longer am able boot
Linux system but not Windows 98 Beta 3 (Consumer Preview)!  My new system

Tyan Tsunami ATX (S1846SLA) motherboard
AMI WinBIOS v1.03
Pentium II 350/100 Mhz
64 MB 8ns PC100 SDRAM DIMM module
Two 6.4 GB Seagate Hard Drives
  hda - Model ST6450A - Medalist Pro
        System Commander Dulexe 4.0
        Windows 98 Beta 3/Windows NT
  hdb - Model ST6451A - Medalist Pro Ultra (ATA-33)
        Linux RedHat v5.1

From System Commander Dulexe 4.0, I tried to boot RedHat 5.1 but only got
"LI" message on my screen!  I can't get the past around... I tried to boot
the installation disk that come with my boxed RedHat 5.1 package but...
I got weird message:

Partition Check:
hda: hda: irq timeout: Status=0x58 {DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest}

I tried to reset system and tried it again. I still got the same
message. Help!  How do you get the past around? Or new kernel?

After I first started my new system, I got the virus warning message, etc.
I decided to re-install System Commander Dulexe 4.0 as fresh installation
and got attention message that said that disk geometry mismatch on last
partition. My old system was Tyan Tomcat I motherboard with MRBIOS chip.

Does anyone have the solution about this major problems? Do I have
reformat my all hard drives? Etc...

If so, I would appericate that. Thank you!

-- Tim Stark


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I am using a Compaq LTE5000 docked. This set-up has two PCIC
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rc.pcmcia, but neither seem to prevent the following error from occuring
when I boot Linux:

 Intel PCIC probe:
    Cirrus PD672x, LED, RING, at 0x3e0, 2 sockets

 No worries... UNTIL....

 irq mask (Cirrus) = 0x4eb8, status changed on irq 11 hdc:irq
timeout:status=0x58 {DriveReady SeekComplete DataR..}
 ide1:reset:success hdc:irq timeout....

 The last two lines repeat themselves ad infinitum and I have to boot
from a floppy and rename rc.pcmcia to boot again.

 I have tried: "irq_mask=9" in rc.pcmcia to force it to use irq 9
"poll_interval=100" in rc.pcmcia "exclude irq 11 {and others}"
 in config.opts

 None of which make any difference. Iam very >:-( about this, can anyone
help? Thanks

Mark Tigwell

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