Installing an ethernet card in Linux after base install

Installing an ethernet card in Linux after base install

Post by thurm » Wed, 21 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have RedHat Linux 6 and would like to use my ethernet card (a Dlink
DFE530TX 10/100 card) to connect to my Win98 system thru a hub.  How o
I install the drivers and enable TCP/IP networking on the Linux box
permanently?  Can anyone provide a step-by-step?  If I have to
recompile the kernel (?) can someone tell me exactly how to do this or
point me in the right direction? ?  I tried some internet resources
and the Linux documentation but was confused by some/most of it.



1. Installing an ethernet card in Linux after base install

The D-Link 530 works great.  I'm connected using one right now.  You
don't have to re-compile the kernel.  The main gotcha' is that it isn't
detected during the initial install, but you probably already know that.

All you have to do is use Linuxconf and go to Config/Networking/Client
tasks/Basic host information and set your networking information.
Choose 'via-rhine' for the kernel module.

Even though Linuxconf sets all the assorted configuration scripts
correctly, it often (in my experience) doesn't do a good job of
initializing the card properly, so you might have to re-boot after the
first time you set this up.

Some more information on getting Ethernet cards to work:

Wayne Larmon

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