upgrading RH4.2->RH5.1, utmp/wtmp problem

upgrading RH4.2->RH5.1, utmp/wtmp problem

Post by felicity+s.. » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> no one is logged when I know I'm logged in.  Anyone ran into
> similiar problems beofre?  Thanks for your help.

RH 4.2 uses libc 5, RH 5.x (and future versions) use glibc.  glibc has a
different format for those files than libc 5 did.  I would imagine that you
could simply "null" (cp /dev/null <file>) the files utmp and wtmp (and
probably lastlog as well).

If you then re-login, things should work.

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1. utmp/wtmp problem (RH5.0)

Hi!  I'm pretty sure that this issue has been thoroughly discussed in
past but I couldn't find any articles in RedHat's 'hurrican-list' archive
regarding it.  So I'll appreciate if anyone of you could please point
me out in the right direction.

Well here's the problem.  Everytime someone telnets/rlogins in my
machine, wtmp gets all messed up:

t        ttyp6        p6               Wed Dec 31 18:00   still logged in
*T       **                            Wed Dec 31 18:00   still logged in
*T       **                            Wed Dec 31 18:00 - 18:00  (00:00)
*T       **                            Wed Dec 31 18:00 - 18:00  (00:00)
*T       **                            Wed Dec 31 18:00 - 18:00  (00:00)
*T       **                            Wed Dec 31 18:00 - 18:00  (00:00)

wtmp begins Wed Apr 29 02:42:35 1998

Moreover, doing a "finger" or "w" does not show that they're logged in.
"xterm", however, does create correct entries in wtmp and utmp.  If I
go in X, and fire up an xterm, it does show that I'm logged in, doing a
"last" also shows the correct entry.

And for some odd reason, everytime I 'touch' a file, it sets the time
5 hours ahead.:

Mon May  4 05:01:43 CDT 1998

-rw-r--r--   1 salman   salman          0 May  4 10:01 blah

Thanks for all your help.

Salman Mughal

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