mke2fs prob: 'short write'

mke2fs prob: 'short write'

Post by Vic Mortelma » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00


What can I have done wrong to get a whole list of mke2fs-errors
'attempt to write block from filesystem resulted in short write'?

I create a logical drive in the extenden partition (say hda5),
tag it linux native, read the #blocks in fdisk. Then trying to
mke2fs on it : total failure!

I am also not able te mount an existing linux-partition, neither
to mkswap another linux-swap-tagged partition!!

Where is the problem? the hard-drive, fdisk settings, linux itself?

The hd, I used before to run linux, could the extended partition in
some way be corrupted?

This seems like a total breakdown, but probably it's something
silly, so I prefer te get some info about it before starting
everything from 0!


Vic Mortelmans