mounted win drive over samba cannot be written to

mounted win drive over samba cannot be written to

Post by vjmarriot » Thu, 15 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I had a similar problem.  There is an insecure, brute-force fix which I
ended up using since I wasn't worried about security and I got tired of
trying various permission and access rights permutations (I am sure
there is a simple, elegant answer to your problem -- I just don't know
it).  Add the following to the properties of your /win share:

admin users = <user on B>.

Again, this is a potential security problem, because <user on B> has
root access to the share, so don't do it if you are worried about that
sort of thing.  Also, keep in mind that files written to a share by an
admin user are owned by root, not <user on B>.

> hi there,

> i've got 2 machines on a peer-to-peer network. A dual-boots to linux and
> win98, while B runs only win98. while in linux i use SAMBA on A to share
> files with B and it's great as B sees both the linux drive as well as the
> mounted windows drive on A.

> the situation is, when i try to write to the windows drive (mounted on /win)
> from B windows tells me something about the files being write-protected.

> here's a copy of my /etc/smb.conf:


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I am trying to backup a server in a DMZ zone that has been hardened
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I can probe the server (savegrp -p) and that works.
I can kick off the backup and it starts and writes about 100-700KB and
then hangs.
BUT if I am on the DMZ server and I do a snoop the backup continues.
If I stop the snoop the backup hangs again, and if I start snooping
the backup starts writing again.

Like I said I have done this on other servers in a DMZ and didn't have
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I have hardened this server a little more so I don't know if I am not
starting something that needs to be running.

I have rpc running and can do rpcinfo's to it and see the nsrexecd
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This server is running ssh so all my traffic is coming over the ssh
port when I am logged in, and I don't see what snooping would do to
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