newly compiled kernel cannot find map file

newly compiled kernel cannot find map file

Post by Andrew E. Miles » Fri, 14 Mar 1997 04:00:00

: The kernel source is 2.0.29
: The file is in /usr/src/linux/
: The kernel starts (2nd or 3rd msg) with 'cannot find map file'

This is a klogd message actually.

It means the version of the kernel does not match the version of the
DEFAULT map file (/ or /boot/ If copying the map
file to the right place doesn't help, then you have an _obsolete_ version
of klogd - upgrade your sysklogd package in that case.

Hint: "make install" runs a system dependant script after compiling
      the kernel. It is very useful for automatically moving the kernel
      and map file to anyplace you want (usually / or /boot). I _think_
      the default script does the same as "make zlilo", which is a good
      starting point for hacking your own script.

: Lots of problems seem to stem from this: invalid socket arguments, and the
: like......
: starting with
: portmap[71]:cannot create udp socket: invalid argument

Has nothing to do with it.

Looks like you upgraded your kernel, but didn't read the docs and
upgrade all your your net utilities. Just a guess.
Don't be offended.


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newly compiled kernel cannot find map file

Post by B.A.McCau.. » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00

>The kernel source is 2.0.29
>The file is in /usr/src/linux/
>The kernel starts (2nd or 3rd msg) with 'cannot find map file'

This message is misleading.  It's not the kernel but "klogd" that
can't find the file.  It's probably looking in /boot.

Quote:>Lots of problems seem to stem from this: invalid socket arguments, and the

I doubt these are related.  klogd only need the map file to be able to
decode kernel panics.


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Hi all,

i been struggling with this for a week now,


newly compiled kernel will not compile anything, only spit a bunch of debug
information at me. sometimes error 1 and error 2.
the error are not the same each time, if i compile a new kernel with it, , the
error is a bunch of debug code, if i compile modules, it's error 1 and 2, if i
compile BitchX, it's ....

this kernel boots just fine. loads everything just fine. it just can't compile
anything successfully.

fixes i tried(no luck):
1. checked all the include file soft links in place (as suggested in HOWTO)
2. re-install all over (a few times)
3. re-install liberaries. (they are all from new slackware 3.5 CD set)

i'm really running out of fix now, will anyone please let me know of any other
things to try?

(by the way guys, it seems that menuconfig won't do it for sound config, use
config will make it work)

i really gota compile ipforwarding and ip maquerading before the semester starts
or i'll have to share one ethernet plug with my roomate. i tried reading dox and
all , will anyone please help, thanks.)


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