error:X unable to load

error:X unable to load

Post by ra.. » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00

what do I do with this? Can I fix it without reloading my entire linux
system? I finally found the svga server with the trident driver and it
actually works but all of the sudden I get this message when I startx
after I have run xf86config. Please tell me what I need to do to
correct this.

                thank you in advance


1. error when configuring NIS+: Unable to map logfile of length.....

Dose anyone has similiar experience? I am trying to setup an NIS+
server in our lab. I followed the instruction in administration answer
book to set up a root domain. When I did 'rpc.nisd -S 0', there were error
messages pop on the console screen:

Feb 15 16:38:47 sunshine nisd[14945]: Unable to map logfile of length 268435456 into address space.
Feb 15 16:38:47 sunshine nisd[14945]: Transaction log corrupt. Exiting.

And the rpc.nisd exited after the error message.

Where I did wrong?


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